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Welcome to the Home of the
Rodding Roundtable Webring

I started this ring to link together web pages that deal with Rodding Roundtable related pages.

We will accept any Rodding Roundtable related site so long as this site is not trying to pass information that is illegal or immoral.

Joining the ring is easy. It provides a great way to promote your site to people with the same interests as you. To join the ring or see a site on the Rodding Roundtable ring, see the links below.

Using the ring is also easy. A person on a site linked to the ring can click on the "next" button and it will send them to the next site on the ring. There is also the choice of clicking "random" button which sends the person to a random site on the ring.

Rodding Roundtable Ring Members:

  • If you are a member of the Rodding Roundtable ring and need to edit your site's attribute's(URL, e-mail address, site description, or password), enter your site ID and password below:
    Site ID:

How to join the ring

Here are the steps to follow to join the ring (It is important to follow the instructions carefully to preserve the integrity of the ring)

  • Fill out the form below to register your site. Make sure to write down the Site ID number that will be assigned to you. By filling out the form, it will put you in the Rodding Roundtable Ring Queue so it can be verified for content. This does not mean that you are a member of the ring. The actual insertion will be done after your site is approved.

    Site URL:  
    Site Title:  
    (The password allows you to edit your site. Please write it down and store it in a safe place), Don't use the same password as your RRT password.
    RRT User Name:
    The use of your RRT name is for identification purposes only

  • Once you have submitted your site, you will receive an e-mail containing the information you need. This includes the HTML fragment that you must insert in your site. Simply copy it and paste it to your HTML code.

  • Your site will be reviewed by me for it's content and to check if the HTML fragment is on your page. (The fragment must be on the page submitted in the form to be accepted into the ring. You can still place the fragment if the graphic is missing) This fragment is to be on your Rodding Roundtable site page and must be on the page to be included in the Ring. I would not like to have people roaming around a site just to find your Rodding Roundtable page as this makes it hard to navigate.

  • After reviewing the site and everything is ok, you should receive an e-mail stating your acceptance into the Ring.


  • You have 10 days to place the html fragment on your site before your information is automatically deleted from the queue. At which point the site id you were assigned will be available to the next member to sign on.
  • Please, do not modify the HTML fragment, as we must keep this ring fragment looking the same on all sites to make the ring easier to navigate
  • Insert the HTML fragment on the page which you submitted in the form. By not doing so, you break the integrity of the ring and we must then request that you comply with the rules or be removed from the ring
  • Currently, I am the only person to accept web sites.
  • If you have any questions or comments, please write me at
Here is what the Fragment looks like:

This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit

I reserve the sole right to remove or refuse acceptance in the Rodding Roundtable Ring

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