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Rodding Terms - Slang

  • A bone - Model "A" Ford.
  • AMC - Acronym for "American Motors Corp" an organization which merged with Chrysler Corporation.
  • Banger - A colloquial term used to express the cylinders in an engine. Often used with a number such as "six banger."
  • Basket Case - a project car that is mosty disassembled and must be literally carried home in baskets.
  • Base Model - The least expensive vehicle with the least amount of features as standard equipment. It has the smallest engine and often manual transmission as well as few power equipment. Base models constitute only a small percentage of the cars sold. Sometimes called a "stripper" or "stripped down" unit.
  • Bobbed - shortened. Usually done to fenders or frame rails
  • Beater - Everyday use car. Usually used to chase parts for the current project. Can be everything from a fairly new car to a beatup old pickup truck.
  • Billet - A solid bar, round or square, usually made of aluminum of steel, from which a part is machined.
  • Binders - slang term for a car's brakes.
  • Blower - slang for a supercharger.
  • California Rake - Downward angle of a car with a dropped front suspension.
  • Coach - another term for a sedan. A car body with front and rear seat accommodations.
  • Custom - any car that has been altered, or customized with major body modifications. See Leadsled
  • Deuce - nickname for a 1932 Ford.
  • Fat Fendered - Term for cars built after 1935, and before 1949, which have larger more bulbous fenders than earlier cars.
  • Free Breather - An engine where all the air to the cylinders is not forced in, as with turbo chargers or super chargers.
  • Highboy - Fenderless rod with the body mounted on top of the frame, or in the stock position.
  • Hot Rod - A production car that has been modified by the owner in the attempt to increase acceleration and top end speed. Although the term can be applied to any modified car, it is usually reserved for vehicles produced from 1930 to 1940's. Typically the engine is modified, and some body panels removed. Many were painted with a design of flames behind the front wheels to give the appearance that this vehicle was "hot" thus the name.
  • Hot Licks - Flames painted on the side of a car.
  • Lead Sled - Another name for a early 50's style custom car which has had major body modifications. Originally done with hot lead. Now done with plastic fillers
  • Pearl Paint - A type of paint that is similar to metallic paint, but instead of minute metal particles it uses mica. Mica is a kind of semi transparent, crystalline mineral that absorbs and reflects light in prismatic fashion. This gives a dramatic, multi-dimensional effect to the paint. Sometimes called "pearl coat."
  • Rake - Downward angle of a car with a dropped front suspension.
  • Resto Rod - A hot rod with a stock looking outer appearance but with modern running gear.
  • Running On Rails - Used to describe a car that is handling perfectly, as if it was literally attached to a rail.
  • Shoebox - Nickname of a 49-51 Ford cars
  • Suede - Primer
  • Street Machine - Usually refers to a hot rodded car built after 1949.
  • Street Rod - Usually refers to a hot rodded car built before 1949.
  • Whitewall - Tires that have a concentric white line. Some are up to four inches wide and called "wide whitewall."

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