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Rodding Terms - Body Related

  • Air Ride - a car with the springs either replaced or added by a air bag that can be used to raise and lower the car while parked.
  • C-Pillar - The part of the carís body between the rear-most side window or door and the rear window. The metal at each end of the rear windshield.
  • Convertible Top - The soft foldable canvas or vinyl top of a convertible. It usually has a clear plastic rear window.
  • Channel - process of lowering a vehicle body down around the frame.
  • Channelled - Vehicle body lowered down around the frame.
  • Chop - Lowering the height of some area of the vehicle roof, hood, top chop, etc.
  • Dropped Axle - A straight type axle that has been reshaped to position the king pin bosses and spindles higher, there by lowering the front of the vehicle.
  • Louvers - Stamped openings placed in hoods, fenders, and deck lids to vent air to the other side of the panel.
  • Low Rider - Usually a later model car which has had the suspension replaced with hydraulic cylinders to allow the car to be drastically lowered when parked, and raised back up for travel.
  • Mother-in-Law Seat - See rumble seat.
  • Nerf Bars - Tubular free form bumpers sometimes used on Street Rod in place of the stock bumpers.
  • Pillar - All vehicles have A, B and C pillars. They are structural supports that hold the windows in place, support the roof and form the roll cage. The A-pillar holds the front windshield in place. It is in front of the driver and front passenger doors. The B-pillar is in the center of the car. In a sedan, it is between the front and rear doors and in a coupe, it is between the doors and the rear passenger windows. The C-pillar holds the rear window in place as well as the rear passenger windows and doors.
  • Quarter Panel - A sheet metal panel that covers the area from the rear-door opening to the taillight area, and from the bottom of the surface to the base of the roof, or from the headlamp area to the front-door opening, and from the bottom of the surface to the base of the hood.
  • Roof Pillars - The steel pillars that surround the front and rear windshields and front and rear doors in a sedan. Pillars between the windshield and the front door are referred to as A-pillars. Pillars between the front and rear doors are referred to as B-pillars. Pillars between the rear doors and the rear windshield are called C-pillars. They provide greater rigidity to the car and making a hardtop possible.
  • Rocker Panel - The section of a car's body below the door opening. It usually runs from the front-wheel opening to the rear-wheel opening.
  • Rumble Seat - Seat placed in the trunk area of a coupe, cabriolet, or roadster. Also known as the Mother-in-Law seat.
  • Sectioning - practice of removing a horizontal section of a car's body. Usually in the beltline area for the purpose of radically lowering a car's stance.
  • Suicide Doors - On some car's, like 33-34 Ford's the doors were hinged at the rear pillar, and doors were opened from the front of the body to the rear.
  • Telescoping Steering Wheel - An adjustable steering column that can be lengthened or shortened by pulling or pushing on the steering wheel. Provides a more comfortable driving position.
  • Wheelbase - The distance from the center-line of the front wheels to the center-line of the rear wheels.
  • Windshield Header - The bar or metal that goes between the two A-pillars that form the windshield framing.
  • Woody - A station wagon with wood sides. It was made popular by the surf-board crowd
  • Woodie - A wood-bodied vehicle, especially station wagons of the '30s and 40s.

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