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English to Metric Conversion Chart

Property English to Metric   Property Metric to English
Multiply By To Obtain   Multiply By To Obtain
   Length inches 25.4 mm      Length mm .03937 inches
Thickness inches 25400 um   Thickness um 3.937x10-5 inches
   Area inches˛ 645.16 mm˛     Area mm˛ .00155 inches˛
   Force pounds (lb) 4.448 Newtons (N)      Force Newtons (N) .2248 pounds (lb)
   Torque inch-pounds    (in-lbs) .113 Newton-Meter (N*m)      Torque Newton-Meter (N*m) 8.851 inch-pounds
   Stress PSI .006895 MPa     Stress MPa 145.04 PSI
   Stress KSI 6.895 MPa     Stress MPa .14504 KSI

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