Rodding Roundtable
Knights who have served their country

In Honor of all those members of the RRT who have served in the military. We who benefit from the blood, sweat and tears you shed wish to thank you in this way. Honoring the time you spent defending what we have today.
Air Force Members
TomTerrificUS Air Force 1963-68Tom
Charlie Chops 1940US Air Force 1966-70Chuck
Tom BrunoUS Air Force 1961-65, 1973-??Tom
Midnight SunUS Air Force 1963-67Jack
HotRod JohnUS Air Force 1967-75, 31stTFW, Air National Guard 1975-1978John
enjenjoUS Air Force 1967-71Frank
A-10US Air Force 1963-98David
jaycUS Air Force 1969-75 Vietnam Vet 307th FMS Utapao AFB, ThailandJay
The DocUS Air Force 62-66Doc
Navy Members
ZAPATOUS Navy 1971-1975 MR2, 1972 Viet NamAlonso
Buffalo BobUS Navy 1970-76Bob
WZ JUNKUS Navy 1967-71, USS Intrepid, Vietnam 1968-69John
hubcapUS Navy 1969-73Gary
jaiboyUS Navy 1967-1968 USS KittyhawkRobert
DCoteUS Navy 1971-75 USS Ranger, CVA-61Dan
SvenUS Navy 1959-63, US Navy Reserve 1963-87 WO4 retiredCarl
Tail GunnerUS Navy 1979-83, Tin Can Fleet USS Valdez FF-1096 USS Preble DDG-46Steve
DDuarteUS Naval Air 1956-60 USS Bon Homme Richard & The Corral SeaEd
LeonUS Navy 1970-75Leon
Army Members
32 DesotoUS Army 1960-80, RVN 1965-66/196970 173rd Airborne, Field ArtilleryGeorge
undunArmy Aviator CW4, Vietnam 65-66, Desert Shield/Storm 90/91Tom
FIFT4FEUS Army 1968-70Dave
LocklahnUS Army 1986-90, InfantryScott
32 chevyUS Army 1968-69, 65th Engineer BattalionDave
jerryUS Army 1970-73, 2d BG, 30th Inf "Rock of the Marne"Jerry
av8US Army 1960-66Mike
casa-jUS Army 1955-57Pete
hotrodpurplepickupUS Army 1968-70George
OlderndirtKorea Vet, 770th AAA Gun BattalionWhitey
Th' RayvynUS Army 1978-1982 1st/43rd Air Defense Artillery
Military Police/Airborne/Rapid Deployment Force
RagdolUS Army 1964-67Larry
30 model a vetteUS Army 1969-71, 1970-71 VietnamEd
Ron MorrowUS Army 1969-70, Viet Nam 192nd Aviation CoRon
Old farts and old fordsUS Army/National Guard/Army Reserve all Special ForcesDon
CRUZN440US Army 1968-69 Armored Recon, 4th Bn, 10th InfantryJohn
48fordUS Army 1969-70 101 Airborne, VietnamR.Funk
Bib OverallsUS Army, D1/7 Cav, 1st Cav Div, Viet Nam 65-66, C1/20 Inf, Americal Div, Viet Nam 69-70Steve
47WoodUS Army 1968-71, 1972-1997 US Army ReserveCal
Marine Members
Faat RodUS Marines 1957-61Bob
Bruno1US Marines 1967-71, Viet Nam 7th MarinesTim
Coast Guard Members
blksheepUS Coast Guard Rescue Chopper 1965-69Dave
Foreign Service Members
ChocoRoyal Australian Navy 1969-90, HMAS Ibis, HMAS Darwin,
US Navy as a Foreign National
Thanks also to those who served and are not members of the RRT as well.

The real heros are those who didn't come home. God bless the MIAs. May we never forget. - Tim Bateson